Reader Question:

i am watching this guy for per month who we met using the internet. We’ve been talking almost every time since all of our very first big date. We also slept collectively in the third go out.

As we go out, the guy frequently waits several days to book all of our after that big date. For that reason, i am just watching him weekly. We worry he or she isn’t that interested since they are not defeating down my personal home to see me again.

Could he just be playing it cool off?

-Ally (New York)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

Ally, benefit from the guy. The guy contacts you regularly? He requires you aside with observe? I think a hundred females merely boarded flights to vermont.

He may you need to be taking his some time and wanting to do things correct. Rushing into circumstances is a thing fools are recognized to do, maybe not the sensible.

By all ways, you can throw the guy a bone and move on to see him sooner by inquiring him aside. Sometimes dudes require a tiny bit reassurance that you would like to see them, as well.

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